Celebrity with highest plastic surgery

Looking good and glamorous is convenient to quite a number for people, especially the celebrities. However, celebrities with highest plastic surgeries tend to go overboard with their quest of looking good. Going for a plastic surgery to get a facial feature or any other body feature operated to help enhance your general appearance is not strange. Getting a nip or a tuck is not strange either. What is strange however, is when one goes for several surgeries within a very short period of time, or when one has the same surgery carried out on them several times. There are a number of celebrities who have gone for plastic surgery a considerable number of times.

Plastic Surgery

The celebrity who tops the list in plastic surgery is Jocelyn Wildenstein (also known as Catwoman). Cindy has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who has undergone the highest number of plastic surgeries and still holds the title. Cindy is a singer and a songwriter who is well established and currently performs in Europe. Cindy’s case has been an example of the successful celebrity plastic surgeries. This is because she has been under the procedure a number of times but has not lost the human looks or developed a ridiculous face. Cindy has admitted undergoing 52 procedures which include 14 full scale operations.

Cindy Jackson was born in the year 1956. Under normal circumstances, one would expect that wrinkles, grooves and lines had started appearing on the face of someone that age. This is however very different with Jackson. She has maintained a young look. Looking at her face, and comparing it with those of her age mates leaves you wondering whether she actually fits in the group. One of the procedures that Cindy has undergone is a facelift.

A facelift, or rhitidectomy as it is technically known, is a surgical procedure that is carried out in an attempt to improve the visible signs that may appear on the neck or the face as one advance in age. The procedure takes care of any sagging that may appear on the mid face. It also carters for the deep creases on the lower eyelid. It also gets rid of jowls that may be a result of loss of muscle tone. A face lift is a restorative procedure and therefore does not alter the fundamental appearance of an individual or enhance the looks. These before after photos proves that Nicole Kidman also went through Facelift procedure.

She also underwent two nose operations, eyelifts, abdomen, waist, knee and thigh liposuction, cheek and lip implants, jaw surgery, chin bone reduction and chemical peels. The nose operations were to get rid of the bulbous nose to pave way for the pointed one which fits in right. The eyelift was probably meant to keep her looking young and glamorous. Cheek and lip implants were to adjust the lips and cheeks to a size that fits in well on the face. The rest were definitely to improve her general physical appearance. Although there have been cases of bad celebrity plastic surgeries that come as a result of too much plastic surgeries, Cindy has been an exceptional. She has kept her young appearance and has been looking glamorous throughout.

Lose Cheek Fat Using Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

While fat cheeks make you look like a well-nourished person, they have their downside as well. Round or fat cheeks make one look older and heavy. As you age, your cheek muscles stretch and loosen up, resulting in jowls at the jaw and may extend up to the neck. You may have a defined diet, but sometimes this may not take away the fat pads on your face and cheeks. This necessitates isolation of facial muscles and target exercises to tone and slim down the cheeks; the same way you would do with the other parts of the body.

Having healthy slim cheeks is no mean feat. You have to design an exercise regimen that can help you do this. But first, you need to get the fat away from the face and the rest of the body using a recommended weight loss supplement (for example). This way, you will be getting rid of fat stores in your body as well as the face.

Cheek Fat Removal Before After

This is how to lose cheek fat using garcinia cambogia and an exercise plan:

Slim fat cheeks – while sitting or standing upright, tilt your head backwards to stare at the ceiling. Push your chin out and try to suck in the cheeks as much as you can. Hold your cheeks in this position for five to seven seconds before relaxing. Do this at least 10-15 times each day.

Define cheekbones – Sit or stand upright and gently place your fingers on your cheekbones. Lift the skin up over the cheekbones before opening your mouth to form a long oval shape. Do this for at least five seconds, relax then do it again. When you feel resistance in the muscles, it means you are heading somewhere as this will tone and slim your face.

Slim lower face – If you wish to get rid of the excess fat around the chin and mouth, pull down the corners of the mouth to form what looks like a frown. This way, you will work the muscles. When still holding the muscles in this position, pull the mouth by smiling with the lips closed. Count to five in this position. Give yourself a little time to relax then repeat it.

Slim and tone the jaw – When you have jowls and fat on your jaw line, the result is a heavy drooping face. If you want to sharpen your features while toning the jaw line, the following exercise will do; Sit or stand straight with the head tilted back while you look at the ceiling. Try to move the lower lip over the upper one as much as you possibly can. This should make you feel some resistance on the jaw muscles close to your ear and on your neck as well. Hold it right there until you count ten. Give yourself time to relax before repeating this up to ten or fifteen times.

You can also try the exercise that exerts the tongue and neck muscles to reduce jowls and double chin. Lie on the bed and let the head hang on the edge. Press the tongue on the roof of the mouth before slowly lifting your head and letting your chin point towards the chest. Hold it right there while you count till five. Repeat this five to ten times.

If you wish to reduce the fat on your chin, these exercises combined with garcinia cambogia, will help you out.

Dangers of NOT Losing Weight

Traditionally, people were involved in a lot of physical work whether in the form of manual work or movement from one point to the other.

Today, the case is different as technological milestones have brought with them less movement and even less manual work. This means that the physical work performed has greatly reduced. Consequently, more people are riddled with lifestyle overweight and obesity. This is invariably associated with lifestyle diseases, especially if you do not work on regulating or reduced the weight.

For more weight loss, include a weight loss extract that works. I would recommend Pure Garcinia Cambogia as it works with the body’s own metabolism for weight loss and has lot of other health benefits. On Mary’s site you can find more about this.

Pure garcinia cambogia extract Dr Oz

Pure garcinia cambogia extract Dr Oz – best weight loss supplement

Some common dangers of not losing weight are:

Cardiovascular disease

When you are overweight, it means that fat levels in the body are high. High fat levels increases imbalance in the body as sodium and LDL cholesterol levels increase. Triglyceride fats are also increased. When these materials, especially the LDL cholesterol, are transported by blood they form plaques in the arteries. The plaques build up overtime to cause narrow arteries. If these arteries are in the heart, it is easy for you to get a heart attack as the arteries are not able to pump the required amount of blood. If arteries in other parts of the body are narrowed, it caused high blood pressure. This could lead to stroke and other complications such as chest pains.

Type 2 diabetes

The body breaks down food to glucose which it then turns to energy using the hormone insulin. At the onset of overweight, the body produces too much insulin.

However, as the amount of in the body increases, the amount of insulin produced dips. This means that the body cannot convert the glucose to the amount of energy required by the body. This leads to an increased amount of blood glucose. This is the disease called type 2 diabetes where the body is unable to regulate its blood sugar.

Don’t you think it would be better to take some action so that you don’t have to face type 2 diabetes at all? I also heard that you can use some supplements for this purpose. Try reading customers reviews online and be cautious about what you do since there are many scam products.


This is when the tissues protecting joints wear of due to an infection or too much pressure exerted on them. When you have too much weight that your body cannot handle, the tissues surrounding some joints get inflamed and eventually wear off.

Common joints affected include knees, lower back and hips. This might inflammation causes pain that could vary in severity. This is known as osteoarthritis.

Sleep apnea

This is perhaps the scariest of the weight related complications. It occurs when you have too much weight and fat has built around your trachea. In your sleep, your breathing is stop die to the disruption or blockage of air by the fat. If you do not wake up and start breathing you die from suffocation. However, most patients are able to wake up and restart breathing.

To avoid all these complications, there is need to lose weight. You can start small by walking about 20 minutes per day.